Swit S-8172S 79Wh+79Wh Split-style Battery
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Swit S-8172S 79Wh+79Wh Split-style Battery

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Swit S-8172S Large Capacity Battery, Complied with IATA. SWIT provides the solution of Dividable Battery to comply with IATA regulations.

Can be divided into 2 parts, and each part contains 79Wh capacity, not restricted by air transportation. And when using S-8172S, just assemble the 2 parts, you can get a Li-ion battery pack of 158Wh large capacity.

Key Features

    • Divide into 2 parts of 79Wh capacity each (Patent)
    • Not restricted by IATA air transportation regulations
    • Li-ion, 14.4V, 79+79Wh capacity
    • D-tap output socket
    • 4-level LED power indicator
    • V-mount connection
    • Multiple circuit protections


Voltage 14.4V
Capacity 79Wh+79Wh
Max output power 100W
Max output current 8A
Over current protection 10A
Mount type V-mount
Operation temperature 0- 40°C
Weight 2.76lb
Dimension 168x101x60mm
Compatible battery Sony L40/L60/L90